Our Story

This is where it all started

In 2014, After accumulating years of experience working with diverse brands, Amit Chopra, our founder embarked on new journey to establish a digital marketing agency.

His primary focus was to build a team of talented individuals who shared a deep passion for marketing and understand the new Martech tools & Data.

HO Digital, at its core, stands for High on Digital represents being really enthusiastic and dedicated about all things digital.

when we got started, performance marketing was just beginning to take off.

This was during the rise of Meta, specially instagram, whatsapp & other social media platforms, and the shining popularity of Google ads.

Additionally, in those early stages, landing pages, conversion rate optimization, and marketing automation were just beginning to take shape. We directed our attention towards becoming our clients’ trusted partners in mastering all these essential skills.

Fast forward more than 9+ years,Our journey is woven with stories of collaboration, growth, and the vibrant impact we bring to brands. We’ve worked with over 100+ diverse brands & 100+ Cr. Digital Ad budget, working to enhance their greatness.

and this journey is more than just business!

It’s a tale of growth, marked by coutless successful campaigns and so many valuable learnings . As our skills and experiences continually evolve, so do the relations with clients. We become integral to their growth journey, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and becoming a part of their team.

So, What’s our secret recipe?

We blend creativity, technology, and data.
Using our experience, we create marketing campaigns that are more than just ads
Hope you enjoyed? Now let’s meet the team.

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We’d love the opportunity to collaborate with you, explore synergies and be a part of your success.
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